• Presentation about Henry VIII and the origin of The Anglican Church:

1) Who did Henry VIII want as his new wife?
2) Why did the Pope not allow Henry VIII to divorce Catherine of Aragon?
3) What did Henry VIII do when the Pope would not allow him to divorce?
4) What was the reformation?
5) What is Anglicanism?
6) How was the church in England different when Henry VIII died compared to how it was when he became King? (List 3 things)

  1. Which religion has got more decorated churches? Why is that?
  2. What do Catholics believe about the Communion? And the Protestants?
  3. Can a Catholic priest get married? Is he allowed to have children? What about a Protestant one?
  4. Which is the supreme authority for the Catholics? What do Protestants believe instead?
  5. Do Protestants worship the Virgin Mary?
  6. How do Protestants confess their sins? And Catholics?
  7. What is the Purgatory? What do Protestants believe about it?